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The creative team of SoulFood Thessaloniki (Upnloud & Black Radio Berlin) proudly presents the 1st Thessaloniki Street Food Festival! The dates of the Festival are Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 April from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. and it will take place at the new Town Hall of Thessaloniki, under the auspices of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and, in particular, within the framework of the 7th Thessaloniki Food Festival, which is organised by the Deputy Mayoralty of Culture and International Relations.

Entrance is free, which the area, located in the town centre, is easily identifiable and accessible (public transport, car, motorbike, bike or on foot) for the general public. What is Thessaloniki Street Food Festival? The idea for the creation of the 1st Thessaloniki Street Food Festival was born through our travels, our love for food, and the history of Thessaloniki, of course. As residents in many cities of various countries around the world (Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Holland, etc.), we had the chance to visit, eat, and work in similar Street Food Festivals. In our minds, gastronomic quest is inextricably linked to each and every trip. Extraordinary flavours, old and new recipes, unknown combinations and ingredients. The history of Thessaloniki attracts us and shows us the right direction. A city that is characterised a “crossroad of people”, which used to be a cradle of multiculturalism, and has maintained its “flavours” until now.


Spices, aromas, raw materials and recipes from all around the world. From India to America, from European sweets to Asian sushi. Our objective is to create a two-day celebration, open to everyone! Through flavours, we want to search for and present the common identity, but also meet something foreign, and explore new flavours. A “tasteful” village will be established for 2 days, with different cuisines and music from our city’s DJs. Our greatest objective is to promote Thessaloniki as a gastronomic capital of the Balkans through street food art, in this effort we are happy to be sponsored by IEK AKMH (#learntocooksponsor), one of the biggest educational institutes in Greece, which is going to present workshop for cooking and the right nutrition!


Premium Sponsors: I.E.K. AKMH, Institute of Foreign Languages Galileo Galilei, Join The Juice Official Clothing Partner: Owl Clothes Media Sponsors: Athens Voice, Kasetophono , Biscotto Thessaloniki Organizers: Upnloud, Black Radio Berlin, Flea Market Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Food Festival

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